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Weight Loss

Strategic eating with your nutritional requirements in mind

Weight Problems – strategic eating and training with your nutritional requirements in mind

At 5’ 6’’ and weighing 13st, Ms AB, who is 42 years old with a demanding job and busy social life had many reasons to lose weight when she contacted us. She was not only overweight but had a family history of arthritis and osteoporosis. Even though she was not diagnosed with any of these issues, she wanted to take precautions to continue avoiding them in the future. Ms AB followed a vegan diet and struggled with her protein and calcium intake.

She had a major success factor on her side: her sincere desire to change her habits and remain healthy to break the family history. Ms AB was a keen gardener but exercised rarely so it was important to introduce a light but steady exercise programme. We started with daily walks which supported her bones and muscles, maintained healthy melatonin levels and increased her energy. She enjoyed these walks so much that she asked us to develop a light running programme!

Her nutrition analysis showed low levels of Vitamin B12, Iron, Chromium and Omega 3. To boost her intake of those nutrients, we recommended a diet rich in leafy green vegetables, whole grains and quinoa and gave her recipes using buckwheat and lentils. Additional ingredients high in nutritional value were pumpkin seeds, almonds, brewer’s yeast, sunflower seeds and chia seeds.

After following Carola’s personalised coaching for only 8 weeks Ms AB had lost over two st, her bone density had improved, she slept much better and her skin had improved. She continued with the  Nutrition Coaching which not only helped her to stay on track with her nutrition regime but she has now signed up for her first 10K run!

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