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Corporate presentations and Nutrition workshops

Corporate Presentations and Nutrition Workshops – empowering employees (and employers!) with great nutrition

The facts around adult physical health are startling for both employers and for public health. By 2030, the NHS estimates that 48% of men and 43% of women will be obese.

Some risk factors are genetic, but others are impacted by factors that can be addressed. There is emerging evidence that sedentary lifestyles, and prolonged sitting can lead to health risks and overall reduced life spans.

With a significant proportion of adults spending the majority of the typical working week in the workplace, responsible employers must recognise the strong link between working practices and public health outcomes.

Carola offers a series of nutrition workshops tailored to the specific needs of your business or organisation. Whether you decide to have a one-off presentation for the management team or a series of workshops for a large number of people, Carola offers interesting and engaging sessions for her audience.

Nutrition workshops will be tailored around your specific requirements and can cover a range of general or specific topics, including:

  • Reducing sick days and improving productivity in the workplace
  • Building personal resilience against stress
  • Recognising health risk factors and addressing them
  • Translating confusing food labelling and finding healthy staple foods
  • How the right snacks can support energy levels
  • Sugar and what it does to your immune system
  • Making meetings more effective with great nutrition
  • Effects of good and bad diets
  • Understanding blood sugar and how to maintain energy levels
  • Creating a positive mindset

Contact Carola for more details and to discuss your requirements.

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