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Specific nutrition to make you faster and stronger in training and competition

Athletes – specific nutritional advice to make you faster and stronger in training and competition

When Mr AF approached us for a nutrition plan to support his marathon preparation he had the ambitious goal of reaching a new PB of under 3hrs. He was struggling recently to increase his performance during his training runs and signed up for the Personal Health Coaching Membership hoping not only to increase endurance performance but to lose some unwanted body fat.

Before designing his nutrition plan around his training schedule we asked him to fill in our health questionnaire and the results showed a lack of B vitamins and magnesium. Hence our plan included healthy whole foods which accommodated his training and resting days but included also specific foods to address his nutritional deficiencies.

We stayed in contact on a regular basis to adapt his plan as he changed his training schedule several weeks ahead of the marathon event. Mr F asked us to provide a list of ingredients from which he was able to mix and match foods. These suit his busy lifestyle better than a clearly structured meal plan. Our recipe ideas for healthy snacks of carbohydrate and protein rich foods helped him to stay away from biscuits and crisps. We recommended a modernised version of carbohydrate loading during his training and the results were promising.

He decided to manipulate his carbohydrate intake again in the last 7 days before the event. Following a personalised nutrition plan and addressing his deficiencies led to a new PB of 2:52:39.

Well done! Life is Good is proud to be part of your success!

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