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4 – Personalised Sports Nutrition Plan with consultations


You take your training serious – you should take your nutrition serious, too!

No matter what sport you are competing in, a personalised sports nutrition plan will help you being more focused, recover quicker, get faster and stronger!

Besides taking your training schedule into account, we will address possible nutritional deficiencies and calculate your macro and micronutrient needs. You will learn what to eat when and how to fuel your muscles (and your brain!) before, during and after exercise.

Besides unlimited email access this 12-week plan includes three consultations to discuss your progress and adapt your plan according to your training and competition schedule. Consultations can be booked either One2One in Willand near Exeter or via Skype.




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Product Description

Your plan can include:

Analysis of your food diary and fluid intake – losing weight without losing muscle mass – the use of amino acids to build and repair muscles – nutrition strategy on competition day – carb loading – pre and post exercise diet to promote quick recovery – hydration – nutritional deficiencies and nutrition timing

Your personalised sports nutrition plan will be delivered by email. We will work with you and amend your plan on a regular basis to reflect your progress so you can achieve your dreams.



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