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What we do and how we can help you


Nutrition Services provided by Life Is Good, Nutritional Therapist and Weight Loss Coach are tailored to your needs and preferences, they will include:

Health Issues – We will help you with managing your health condition and get you on your way to recovery.

Diabetes – The right diet and exercise plan will help you manage pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

Weight Issues – We’ll coordinate strategic eating and training with your nutritional requirements in mind.

Children and Teenagers – Nutrition plans to support them growing to their full potential.

Mums and Mums to be – Get the best nutrition for you and your baby.

Business People – Nutrition plans to help you to stay alert during all-day meetings and frequent business trips

Couples – Nutrition plans for couples living and eating together, looking for a healthier future.

Athletes – Specific nutritional advice to make you faster and stronger in training and competition.

People 50+ – Nutrition plans to help you eat better to accommodate your changing body.

Pantry Makeover – Help identifying unhealthy foods and making better choices for your food cupboards.

Corporate Presentations – Nutrition presentations empowering employees (and employers!) with great nutrition.

Train the Trainer – Nutrition training for Personal Trainers and Exercise Professionals.

Please contact Carola for details

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