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Are you a PT?

ready to gain an advantage over your competitors?


Are you a Personal Trainer ready to gain an advantage over your competitors and earn money by referring people to Life is Good Nutrition?

If your answer is YES!!, then become a Life is Good referrer, sign up for our referral program today and let us help your clients reaching their goals faster!

How does it work?

With your extensive knowledge about training and performance and our expertise in science – based nutrition we can help your clients to reach their goals faster and more sustainably.  At Life is Good Nutrition we design personalised nutrition plans and provide nutrition coaching for people with health and weight issues as well as for athletes who would like to gain muscle mass or prepare for an event. If you feel that your clients would benefit from personalised nutrition you should create a referrer account by emailing us.

You will get great looking brochures and your own personal voucher code. Handout the brochures and share the code we provide you in your newsletters, blogs, and any social media posts or anywhere on your website if you have one. For every person who enters your code when buying one of our nutrition plans or coaching, you earn a fee!

How much money will I make and do I need to buy anything?

We don’t sell any products or supplements so there are absolutely no commitments or any costs for your involvement.  We offer you 20% discount on any of our nutrition plans or coaching. The discount is completely at your disposal – which means you can offer the full 20% to your clients, you can share it with your clients at any rate you like or you can keep the full 20% for yourself as a referral fee.  This is a great way for you to earn money and support your clients at the same time!

How will I get paid?

We pay commissions once a month either into your bank account or your Paypal account when your commissions have reached at least £25.00.  You will receive a monthly statement of your referrals to date so you know exactly what’s going on!

How do I generate sales or referrals?

You will receive nicely designed brochures where you can enter your personal code, simply hand them out to your clients. We are happy to send you more brochures for free.  Social media is another great way to tell your story and share your code.  After all, living healthy and happy is contagious!  Post your code with a picture of your own success and people will want to know more. All they have to do is click on our website and begin making purchases using your code, and you will begin earning your fees!

Do I need to have a website?

Nope! You can still become a referrer by only handing out brochures, speaking to your clients or sending your code in your emails and through your social media channels.

How do I sign up?

It will only take you a few minutes. Send us a quick email to [email protected] to sign up. You’ll get a welcome email with your code information and we will send over our brochures. And then magically, after people have purchased a plan using your code at checkout, you’ll begin to see money being transferred into your bank account. How easy is that?!

Contact Carola with any questions you have: [email protected] or call 07772 184168

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