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24 hours in the life of a Nutrition Coach

24 hours in the life of a Nutrition Coach

Have you ever wondered how I fill my days or what I am actually doing? Working as a Nutrition Coach mainly online with my clients does not mean that I’m not in contact with them! Here’s how my days usually look like:


At 5:40am my alarm goes off.

I am lucky that I generally sleep very well and wake up with lots of energy.

Out of bed, brush my teeth, grab my pre-packed bag (no excuses!) and go to the gym. If it’s raining, I’d like to go for a run. Yes, I am weird! I always think, I’m going to sweat anyway so what’s the problem with getting wet in the rain?

Even though I know that I’m at my best and most productive in the mornings which means I should get some work done – but I am still struggling to change my morning routine of exercising first thing. I just like the fact that I have done something for my body, it sets my mind up for the day. I always tend to eat better and feel better when I exercise in the morning.

By 8:30am I’m back home. This is my office: Life is Good I enjoy working in the conservatory, love the feeling of being “almost” outside.

My working day in the office starts with a big coffee and a quick read through cat at workthe news. Most days, my cat curls up on my lap or besides the laptop for a snooze. It seems that he likes that time, too 🙂

Around 9:00 I check my emails and take a look at my list of things I have to do today and see if anything pressing has come up which may change my priorities for the day.

At 9:30 I have breakfast. On most days that’s a quick porridge made either from oats or quinoa with some fruit, sometimes I pinch some of my partner Martin’s Granola (don’t tell him!).

healthy pancakes

When I have more time I make a smoothie – I always add more veg than fruit to it to reduce the sugar. At the weekends I love pancakes made from almond meal like this one with goats cheese. Yummy.



Our brain is our best ally when it comes to losing weight and make a sustainable lifestyle change

During the day, I have phone calls and video calls scheduled with my coaching clients, depending on their schedule and in which time zone they are. I never work with more than 4 or 5 coaching clients at once to make sure I can give each of them the individual attention they deserve. Besides giving nutritional advice I make sure that my client remain in the right mind-set to reach their goals: our brain is our best ally when it comes to losing weight and make sustainable lifestyle changes. Eating the right foods is crucial but our thoughts are equally important.

After each call, I summarise our conversation in an email and send it together with some additional materials over to my coaching clients so we can both keep a record of our work together. My clients appreciate the regular catch ups, sometimes looking back at the week with a fresh pair of eyes opens a new perspective and planning the week ahead gives them the feeling of being prepared.  They like the accountability and that I’m always available if there’s a question they’d like to discuss.

I always have a big bottle of water on my desk which I aim to refill around lunch time. In winter I prefer herbal tea over water, last year’s favourite was blueberry and apple!

Between the calls and during the day I write social media updates. I try to schedule my posts for when my clients are online but I always post ad hoc if I come across something interesting or helpful.

I love nuts and seeds.They fill me up nicely and work wonders for my skin

At 10:30 it’s time for a snack, I seem to be hungry at that time especially when I exercised in the morning. I love nuts and seeds, which I roast in the frying pan for few minutes. I tend to keep some in my bag for when I’m travelling. They fill me up nicely and work wonders for my skin. Bearing in mind that I do not eat a lot of meat I like to add some protein, mostly yoghurt or some edamame beans.

The late morning is reserved for writing personalised nutrition plans, marketing activities and working on my blog. sustainable weight lossThere’s always something to do and my days vary a lot. I very much embrace the fact that there are no rules and no clear structure to my working day. In fact, that’s what I like most about my job!

On occasion, I have scheduled a working lunch. I try to avoid meat due to my arthritis but I like to have a substantial meal. Lots of restaurants are prepared for special requests and tasty vegetarian options are often available.

If I am at home I do a quick meditation or some yoga before my lunch break. It helps me refocussing for the afternoon. I try to make a healthy lunch – mostly a salad with some goats cheese to make it more substantial – but sometimes I may end up with some home-made crackers and cheese or oat biscuits and peanut butter and some water. I can very much relate to all my clients telling me they are too busy to cook!

It makes sense for corporates to work with a nutrition coach

In the afternoon, I often have meetings with companies who invest in workplace wellbeing and realise the impact foods can have on their team’s productivity. It makes sense for corporates to work with a nutrition coach; workplace wellbeingI always try to deliver a series of workshops or presentations about nutrition to make sure I am available for questions over time.

And it is very rewarding to see the difference a business is going through when they make changes to their nutrition!

I always spend a lot of time evaluating the individual needs of the business to make my presentation relevant to everybody.

I rarely use any of my slides twice – all my presentations and workshops are tailored around the topics which are most important to my audience.



Most of the time I have another snack in the afternoon. I have a seriously sweet tooth, thankfully I love fruit and try to eat in season so at the moment it’s mostly berries! The people at my local farm shop grow their own strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, heaven!

Early evening is reserved for writing tomorrow’s list of to-do’s. Seeing the top priorities on one page leaves me with the nice feeling of being prepared!

Our dinner time varies. We try to have dinner early when we can, mostly around 18:30

In the evening, it’s time to try out new recipes – Martin is my harshest critic, so if he likes dinner I can dare to present it to clients! Depending on how much I had for lunch I may not really hungry in the evening so I often only eat a small portion. salad

Our dinner time varies. We try to have dinner early when we can, mostly around 18:30 but Martin likes exercising after work so sometimes we have dinner later.

There’s hardly ever a desert but sometimes there has to be a piece of chocolate. There, I said it!


I always have my phone with me. I am guilty of checking my emails constantly but I feel that I owe it to my clients to be there with a quick reply if they need me.

Many of them work late and have business dinners and on occasion I receive a text message when they sit in front of the menu and ask for my advice which meal to order :). This never feels like a nuisance, I am thankful for the confidence they have placed in me and my work.

I pack my gym bag before we go to bed around 21:00. Sometimes we do a quick meditation before Martin reads for an hour. If I meditate on my own I always try to focus on a problem I’d like to solve. Sometimes the next morning I have some great ideas about what to do next!

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