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Stay healthy during the festive season

Stay healthy during the festive season

It’s December and we’re facing very delicious temptations everywhere: the colleague brings home-made cookies, we are invited to so many Christmas parties we lost count and we are preparing the shopping list for our own Christmas feast…

Let’s face it – there is no way to escape this and why would we? Eating and drinking is a highly social activity, it’s just beautiful to share great food and a nice bottle of wine with friends.

But there are a couple of strategies which can help to at least reduce the impact of the festive season:

  1. Stay hydrated – drink water (at least 2 litres per day) during the day, before and after the party. It helps flushing out toxins.
  2. Brush your teeth during the day – it sounds funny but you are more likely to refuse something sweet when you have just brushed your teeth with a minty toothpaste.
  3. Don’t skip meals before a party –  you are likely to overeat on unhealthy food and the alcohol cause one to get intoxicated at a much faster rate
  4. Make sure you exercise before and after the big day, preferably in fresh air – even if it is only a brisk walk.
  5. If there is a buffet, go and get your food but then walk away so you don’t graze.
  6. Eat as healthy as possible – don’t give in to the thought “Now my diet’s out of the window anyway”, try to stay away from fried foods, crisps and alternate alcoholic drinks with water (to avoid funny comments: order your sparkling water with ice and slice – it looks exactly like a G&T!)
  7. Let your hair down and dance! It counts as exercise and you spend less time eating and drinking 🙂

In this spirit – enjoy the festive season and look after yourself!

Life is good!

Carola x

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