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Healthy yeast-free Pizza base

Feb 9, 2019 by in blog Comments Off on Healthy yeast-free Pizza base

My suggestion for National Pizza Day, nice but quite healthy actually! This recipe makes two pizzas so you can spoil a friend 🙂  The wholegrain base tastes slightly nutty and…

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Cauliflower and chickpea curry

May 14, 2018 by in blog Comments Off on Cauliflower and chickpea curry

For a great vegetarian midweek dinner, try this delicious curry! It only takes 30 min (and that’s mainly because the rice takes 25 min!) and gives you loads of plant…

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The ugly truth behind the sugar tax

Apr 15, 2018 by in blog Comments Off on The ugly truth behind the sugar tax

It’s just over a week since the sugar tax has been introduced on (almost) all sweetened drinks and whilst we should applaud the government’s intention to look after our health,…

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Healthy Eating when travelling

Feb 2, 2018 by in blog Comments Off on Healthy Eating when travelling

Our world gets smaller. We commute longer distances to work and travel to enjoy other destinations for a holiday, but we also have the opportunity to work abroad, sell our…

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Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Dec 17, 2017 by in blog Comments Off on Carrot Cake Energy Balls

This is a perfect snack if you feel you like a bit of sweetness. Perfect around Christmas, too! These little balls contain lots of Vitamin A, Magnesium and Iron. But,…

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Can you out-train a bad diet?

Oct 6, 2017 by in blog Comments Off on Can you out-train a bad diet?

When it comes to weight training there are two easy principles: you need to overload your muscles and then feed them properly to ensure quick recovery and muscle gain. If…

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Life is Good - Nutrition
Life is Good - Nutrition20 hours ago
We will talk a lot about stress and what to do/eat before, during and after ‘the storm’ 😊
Join us!!
Life is Good - Nutrition
Life is Good - Nutrition1 day ago
Have you seen my other website yet?

Besides personalised nutrition plans (which you can find on www.life-is-good.co.uk) I offer personal nutrition coaching which is a programme fully tailored around your needs.

It includes regular consultations so you have me on 'arms-length' to hold you accountable, help you with questions and guide you through the programme with all my knowledge! We will not only cover nutrition but all other aspects of healthy living, too: sleep, mental wellbeing, stress, exercise etc.

No guess-work, no trial-and-error, just science based nutrition and lifestyle advice! You can find out more on www.carolabecker.com
Life is Good - Nutrition
Life is Good - Nutrition3 days ago
Hello runnners! Are you struggling to get faster, are your recovery times too long? Join us on 28 Feb in Newton Abbott for a workshop about the difference your nutrition can make to your performance!
I’m proud to support Planet Earth Games: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nutrition-for-marathon-runners-faster-and-stronger-with-food-tickets-56040293025

Life is Good – Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition Coach