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Please read the testimonials from people who have realised that 'Life is Good'

"I just wanted to give you a quick update and WOW I feel so much better already!! I can’t believe the difference I feel and my tummy is saying a big thank you!
I have made the changes to my diet slowly and am enjoying your recipes and I really do feel a lot better and lighter."

- Emma

As a personal trainer I spend a huge amount of my time monitoring clients and focusing on my own training, a few months out from one of my biggest events I realised my nutrition wasn't where it needed to be for my body to perform at its best, due to all of my time focusing on others and putting hours of training in.

At this point I contacted Carola, I wanted a list of any deficiency I had and recipes to help me achieve perfect performance, Carola gave me a full breakdown and spent a lot of time making me an individual programme pointing out areas I needed to work on.

I have been given some fantastic recipes and my body is feeling fantastic, I'm so pleased to say I went on to win my event and am now training hard for the next.

It's been great working together and I'm now recommending "Life is good" to my own clients.

Thank you Carola, you're a fantastic nutritionist!!

- Chris

"When I met Carola I was unhappy, unhealthy, unmotivated and overweight. Shortly before my GP had prescribed medication for high blood pressure. Carola worked out a great nutrition and exercise plan which accommodated my preferences, my busy life style and the fact I really don’t like going to the gym! Within 5 weeks I lost over one stone, my blood pressure dropped from 154/101 to 142/86. And, best of all, I haven’t felt hungry or deprived and was full of energy again! All the recipes are easy to cook and super-delicious, I will definitely carry on with my plan to improve my future!"

- Sophie

I was hesitant when I signed up for your Nutrition Coaching. I was at least 3 st overweight, felt tired all the time and eating was always a very emotional issue for me. I tried too many diets, I was worried about the costs and I didn't believe that I would be able to stick to it. How wrong I was!

Your science-based coaching gave me the confidence and what you said clicked with me. I changed my view about eating, follow your advice and enjoy your easy and down-to-earth recipes. Your kind and non-judgmental coaching was exactly what I needed. You are such a motivational person but to be honest, my changing body is all the motivation I need! 🙂 Thank you so much!

- Stephanie

"From day one when we first discussed this; to setting up the plan and your continued efforts throughout the duration, I have been delighted with the support you have given me. It is tough to make these kind of lifestyle changes but your positive attitude has made things so much easier. The result is that so far I have lost more than a stone in weight and more importantly, plenty of inches from around my waist.
Now on to my second 12 week plan, with another stone to shake off. Bring it on!"

- Christopher

"You often hear of people going on this diet or that diet, and both of us have been in that camp many a time. Equally we have both heard people say “it’s a change of lifestyle you need, not a faddy diet that you will never be able to stick at” . Our goal when contacting Carola was to try and find a way of losing weight whilst trying to improve our health..... Wow is pretty much what we would both say, with Carola’s help guidance and planning of menus and fitness plans that work for us both we have found a new lease of life neither of us thought possible. We have both lost an incredible amount of weight, changed shape and best of all the feeling of well-being we have along with the energy levels we have found has made us both realise how unhealthy we were and with such simple changes we have found a fantastic lifestyle that is effortless to follow."

- Thank you Carola from Deb & Russ

I am feeling so much better already after starting the re-balance plan.
I've cut the sugar and sprinkled cinnamon on top of my coffee and it's given me back my enjoyment in coffee.

I will call you next week to discuss the next steps and sign up for nutrition coaching!

- Christine

"I was fed up with not enjoying the food I was eating, confused over what was actually healthy and what wasn’t, and vowed that I would never go back to the slimming club which I had dipped in and out of over many years. Although I was active and did sport two to three times per week I never really knew what were the best food choices for me. When I did cut back I was always hungry and felt I was missing out and only lost a 1lb or 2lbs this left me feeling disheartened and stuck in a vicious circle. When Carola’s leaflet dropped through my letterbox it couldn’t have come at a better time. I rang her straightaway and the next day went to see her for a consultation. I haven’t looked back, she tailored weekly meal plans for me which took into account the days I exercised and popped in a few extra exercises too. She gave me the confidence to eat foods which I was wary of eating before and helped me to build up the foods that I was lacking in. I never felt hungry or that I was missing out on anything. Our main aim was to improve my nutrition and Carola explained that weight loss would be beneficial side effect of this (no mention of the word diet!!).
At the end of the 12 weeks I had lost 1 stone (and still continue to lose weight now), dropped a dress size, my skin and hair have improved and so have my chronic sinus problem. More importantly my energy levels have risen and this has improved my fitness level too. Carola’s support throughout has been invaluable and I cannot thank her enough!"

- Rachel
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